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Thermal Transfer Ribbon Products

General Purpose Wax Ribbons - The most economical choice for general purpose tag and labeling applications including shipping, warehousing, retail, textile, and apparel. Choose a wax ribbon when printing on uncoated and coated paper tag and label stocks, and low end film labels like KimduraŒ.

Highly versatile wax ribbon with outstanding print quality, high speed and backcoat properties.
Resin enhanced wax ribbon has outstanding durability for a general purpose ribbon. Reduced printhead energy requirements.
Excellent print quality at high speeds; good coverage on uncoated tag and label stocks.
Color ribbons - Excellent print quality at high speeds.

Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons - The right choice when a higher level of scratch and smear and/or mild chemical resistance is needed in labeling applications including shelf and bin labels, textile, apparel, nursery, and lumber. Premium wax/resin ribbons print well on coated paper tag and label stocks, low end films, and some polyester labels.
Exceptional print quality for complex label formats. Works well on a wide range of substrates.
Good resistance to IPA and household cleaners.
Color ribbons - Superior print quality with exceptional scratch and smudge resistance.

Super Premium Resin Ribbons - For harsh environment labeling applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat, and/or chemicals is imperative. Applications include nursery and lumber tags, chemical drum labels, pharmaceutical and medical labeling, outdoor labeling, automotive and industrial work-in-process labeling. Super premium resin ribbons are compatible with higher end synthetic films like polyester and polyimide (KaptonŒ).
Designed for harsh environment labeling applications. Superior abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance.
Color ribbons - Full resin color ribbons for harsh environment labeling.

Ribbons for Near Edge Printers - Specifically designed to run on thermal transfer printers with near edge printheads like the TEC B-XΠand NovexxΠseries of printers.
Premium wax/resin ribbon with outstanding performance at high print speeds and exceptional print quality.
Premium color wax/resin ribbons - Exceptional print quality for logos and graphics.
Super premium resin ribbon with excellent performance in harsh environment labeling applications.

Specialty Resin Ribbons - Full resin ribbons designed for specific harsh environment labeling applications.
Color ribbons - Unique UV resistant formula designed for outdoor/vinyl applications.