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Specialty Label Applications

Below is a list of some of the Specialty Label Applications that we can help you with. Please choose from the links below for further explanation.

Recycling Compatible Adhesives - American Printing Converters now offers Recycling Compatible Adhesives.

Paper with Pressure Sensitive Labels Can Be Recycled - Paper labels with Recycling Compatible Adhesives, applied to a paper substrate, can be processed without problems during recycling deinking operations. This Adhesive allows mixed office waste containing pressure sensitive paper labels to be recycled. Mixed office waste includes -

  • Envelopes
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Office paper

Some pressure sensitive adhesives are difficult to remove during the recycling process. They build up on the equipment and cause defects in the final paper product. Recycling Compatible Adhesives are a class of adhesives with particles that remain large enough after pulping to be substantially removed by slotted screens or by flotation. Removal efficiencies of Recycled Compatible Adhesives can be as high as 99%.

Recycling Compatible Adhesives are not suitable for paper roll identification labels.

Jewelry Tags, Labels with Lift Tabs

American Printing Converters capabilities include pattern coated adhesive in the base material. We can print and die cut the base material into jewelry tags, price marking labels, bow chips, hang tags, page tabs, inventory and tracking labels, or lift tabs to aid in the removal of the label.


Piggyback (multi-ply) Constructions

Piggyback or multi-ply constructions allow the end user a means to instigate interaction with the label. Shipping, mailing, inventory, or tracking labels are converted from piggyback base material. Photo mounting corners or packaging closures are made from double face tape base material.


Dual Adhesives or Face stocks on the Same Web

American Printing Converters manufactures labels on pressure sensitive base material that contains two different adhesives or face stocks on the same roll which is converted into unique end use label. Two adhesives on the same labels are often used in coupon applications, in the pharmaceutical industry, or inventory control systems. Two face stocks on the same label help segregate responses in direct mail promotions. Hospitals use two different face stock labels on supplies for billing purposes.


Point-of-Purchase Coupon

American Printing Converters prints and die-cuts point-of-purchase coupons which when applied to products provide an instant redeemable discount when purchased. The coupon material does not leave a sticky residue and we ca provide a finger lift edge anywhere around the coupon for ease in removal from the product. Other uses of coupon labels can be seen on food items where the manufacturer provides a recipe on the back of the label that can be peeled away from the product and saved for future use. Advertisers who use pressure sensitive labels on newspapers choose the coupon base material because it allows the consumer to peel away the advertisement or coupon and still have the ability to read the paper without experiencing a sticky, inky mess. Direct mail campaigns use the coupon products for temporary IDs or membership cards because a film is transferred to the back of the membership card which provides durability and adds life to the card.


Package Re closure Systems / Anchor seal®

Anchor seal® "Lift & Lock" is a pressure sensitive re closure system used for flexible packaging bags. This dual adhesive construction provides a permanent bond to numerous flexible packaging materials (either paper or film) and also incorporates a repositionable adhesive, which allow the opened package to be resealed time after time. Anchor seal® "Lift & Lock" base material can be manufactured in different sizes to allow the label converter to meet just the right packaging size requirements.
Anchor seal® is a pressure sensitive re closure system designed for use on flexible packaging bags or bag in box products, as well as, other unique resealable applications.
Anchor seal® can be designed with different face stocks, adhesives, and coating patterns to meet your customer's requirements. Anchor seal®'s dual adhesive coated construction allows for a permanent bond of the closure system to numerous flexible packaging materials, as well as, a repositionable area that allows the open package to be resealed time after time.
Look for Anchor seal on:

  •  Quaker® Mini Rice Cakes
  •  Nabisco Fig Newton's®
  •  Sun·Maid® Raisins
  •  Malt-O-Meal® Bagged Cereals
  •  Nestle Pretzel Flipz

Anchor seal® utilizes a closure tab with a zone coated repositionable adhesive, a release coated intermediate liner (if double ply), a permanent adhesive and a super calendered release liner.  To see a photo pf the Anchor seal® construction, click here.


Printed Two-side Prime Labels

Printed Two-side Prime Labels are often used when a product needs a label where a two-side printed label is desired. Most often the product to be labeled is transparent or clear, and the back label is read by looking through the product. American Printing Converters can print on the pressure sensitive adhesive and then on the face stock. The two-side printed label then becomes ready to apply to the product. Two sided labels provide a great solution to the two-side printed label requirement.


Repositionable/Ultra Removable Adhesive

American Printing Converters can supply an ultra-removable adhesive, which allows easy removal of a label, and leaves no adhesive residue. It is the perfect adhesive to use when labeling crystal, china, collectibles, sunglasses or any product where paper tear needs to be avoided. Children stickers, calendar event stickers, home or business organizing labels, inspection labels, and labels requiring two languages are often manufactured from one of our face stocks coated with Repositionable/Ultra Removable adhesive.


Battery Labels

American Printing Converters offers Battery Labels that meet automotive, OEM and battery manufacturer specifications. These products exceed testing against battery acid and adhesion to polypropylene battery casings, along with offering excellent chemical resistance, holding strength at high temperatures, and harsh under-the-hood environmental requirements. American Printing Converters uses a Clear Film Lamination and the Proper acid-resistant inks to insure the durability of the graphics. Some of the materials available are:
  • 2.3 Mil White BOPP — High strength and opacity. With a non-cavitated core, this face stock is engineered to be less prone to splitting and resists spider webbing when removed or repositioned. Offers excellent moisture resistance with superior die cutting and dispensing characteristics, and is fully recyclable with battery casings. This material has a Bright white, high-gloss finish.
  • 4 Mil Battery Label Olefin — Historically used for large battery applications where a larger, thicker label with increased stiffness is required. Offers excellent printability and is fully recyclable.
  • 4 Mil Battery Label Vinyl — Continues to serve select battery applications. It is tried and true in terms of meeting automotive OEM and battery manufacturer specifications. This face stock is not recyclable.
  • 2.6 Mil White BOPP — Available with a cavitated core upon request, offering slightly higher opacity where the added strength of a non-cavitated core is not required. Recyclable with the battery casing.


Polytechnic Tape - is a self-wound (liner less) white polyester film, coated with High-Temperature Acrylic Adhesive. The tape is printed and then a clear film lamination is applied to lock-in and protect the ink.

Polytechnic Film Tapes pass all requirements for Federal Specification MIL-T-9906C, Amendment 1 for non-corrosive, heat, cold and solvent-resistant identification tape.


UL® Labels

American Printing Converters is a UL® Authorized Label Supplier. American Printing Converters, Inc., through its Printer Agreement, can print any of the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.,(UL®) logos referred to as "The Mark". The Mark can be printed on any pressure sensitive label material as long as it complies with your UL® material requirements.


Security Papers and Films

Product counterfeiting has nearly doubled in the past 5 years and the numbers are expected to rise. To combat tampering, counterfeiting, retail theft and fraud, American Printing Converters offers numerous products. A few of the products offered are:
  • 60# Security Paper - U. V. Fibers and Solvent Chemical Reactive paper for tamper evident and authenticity packaging - A base level tamper-evident and fraud-deterrent paper containing invisible ultraviolet fluorescent fibers that can conform immediate authenticity with a black light, or used long term as fibers are not present in a photocopied document. Also solvent and chemical reactive. Solvent dye and brown stain reaction features instantly signal alterations through chemical reaction such as solvents or bleach pens.
  • 1 Mil Security Film with Black Light Verification and Checkerboard Tear Pattern
  • FOAMSEAL TE - A versatile polystyrene product offering moderate internal strength that delaminates when removed. The non-top coated face stock is a white, semi-gloss, co-extruded material consisting of an expanded polystyrene core layer with dual polystyrene skin layers.
  • WHITE MATTE SYNTHETIC TE - Clay-coated HDPE with low internal bond/cohesion strength, allowing the face to delaminate and shred upon attempted removal. The biaxial orientation provides for enhanced matrix stripping over other more fragile films.
  • 2 Mil Silver Void able Polyester leaves a pattern with the word “VOID” on the product when the label is removed.
  • 2 Mil White Destructible Vinyl – When there is an attempt to remove the label the material picks into tiny pieces making it impossible to remove the label complete.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT LITHO - Highly destructible, flexible 40# C1S face stock with a smooth matte finish commonly used in pharmaceutical applications.
  • HOLOGRAPHIC - Tamper-evident security label that features black light verification and checkerboard tear pattern commonly used for seal applications. Customization is available for logo design seals where authenticity is vital, such as licenses, passports and other government documents.
  • 1 Mil Holographic SFYP (Sealed For Your Protection) - Polyester TE is a tamper-evident security face stock featuring a checkerboard tear pattern. The words "Sealed For Your Protection" appear in both English and Spanish.
  • DIACETATE TE - Available in clear or white, these face sheets feature low tear strength incorporating a higher level of destructibility over traditional acetates, with improved converting and dispensing over Tamperfas™ Vinyl for applications requiring automatic application.
  • Tamper Resistant UL Litho is a highly destructible 50# C1S litho stock.


Small diameter objects – such as lip balm tubes, highlighters and stemware – can sometimes be difficult to label. This type of application becomes especially challenging when an over laminate is required making the entire construction stiffer, leading to lifting or flagging.


Permanent acrylic adhesive.

Offers high initial tack and minimal cold flow, resulting in excellent adhesion and superior mandrel hold for a variety of decorative labeling applications.

High adhesion integrity, allowing labels to be over laminated with no lifting or flagging issues. The total label construction can meet the unique bonding needs of small diameter, non-pharmaceutical, decorative or prime label applications.
  • Colored markers
  • Highlighters
  • Lip balm tubes
  • Lip gloss tubes
  • PVC pipes
  • Stemware
  • Toys
  • Christmas decorations
  • Jewelry
  • Crafts
  • Knick knacks
  • Small diameter makeup container


Lumber Tags and Labels -Whether labeling logs, lumber or other industrial substrates such as wood pallets, we have a variety of thermal-transfer printable pressure-sensitive and non-pressure sensitive products that can be applied to ends of lumber to identify its type, grade, size, etc.
  • Matte White BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) and White Synthetic Paper products are moisture resistant, offering excellent thermal transfer printing characteristics. When superior strength and tear resistance are also required, select 3 Mil Valéron® for your application.
  • With many non-pressure sensitive lumber tags being attached using a staple gun or nailed for adhesion, it is important to use a durable, tear-resistant label. We offer V-Max® SelectTM and V-Max® Select PlusTM products – available in white and yellow – for lumber applications.
  • Ideal for outdoor use – withstands moisture, chemicals and cold temperature extremes.
  • UV-stabilized for long lasting outdoor performance.


Sock Labeling - A new dimension has been added as many apparel manufacturers and retail stores are taking advantage of promoting shelf appeal and packaging convenience by bundling socks with a printable pressure-sensitive paper or tag. Depending on the visual appearance to be achieved, choose from semi-gloss papers, or white or silver tag stocks to catch the eye of the consumer. Narrow down your adhesive selection by considering the fabric of sock you are packaging.
  • All purpose cold temperature adhesive featuring good initial tack and ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. This lightweight coat version of Fasson AT20 offers superior adhesion to many types of fabrics and can be used on cotton sock applications.
    FASSON® R423
  • Removable adhesive featuring long term removability. Use when labeling micro fiber or non-cotton socks.
Multi-pack sock labeling is increasing, as the choices in socks – casual, hosiery, dress, athletic/sport, support, over-the-calf, seasonal, anklet, crew, bed, slipper – is expanding. As you respond to specific retailer strategies, we can simplify your labeling choices.


Candle Labels - To meet the demand for more scents and candles that last longer, manufacturers are adding more fragrances and oils to candles. These additives have been found to attack pressure-sensitive adhesives, potentially causing bleed into the face stock or loss of adhesion of the label. To reduce the effects of these additives, we are excited to introduce a line of recommended products specifically designed for candle applications. Take note of our new candle adhesive found to be an effective solution for labeling various candle wraps.
  • Due to the difficulty in labeling candles wrapped in PVC or PET packaging materials, we have developed a new candle adhesive for these types of applications. Coupled with a selection of paper or film face stocks, our candle adhesive has been tested and found to adhere well to many PVC/PET products.
  • Candles can be packaged in glass jars, votives and other glass containers. Some labels are intended to stay on the jars as an integral part of the decoration while others are meant to be removed after purchase. Decorative face stocks, as well as white and clear film products, have been paired with permanent, removable and wash away adhesives to support the labeling needs for each of these applications.


Dissolvable labels are essential for reusable containers. Receptacles that require vital labeling information – such as contents, patient name, supplier or expiration date – many times are used again and again. It's important that this critical information is cleanly removed and not left on the container in error. Eliminate the potential for error and the hassle of removing labels from reusable containers with our Dissolvable products. The combination of the highly water-soluble paper face stock and adhesive allows the labels to dissolve within seconds in normal tap water and is also dishwasher safe.
  • Extremely sensitive to moisture and temperature. Precautions must be taken when using these materials.
  • Water and solvent-based flexographic and dot matrix printing have been used successfully. Due to the nature of these products, printing should be tested prior to use.
  • Always store materials in polyethylene wrap.
  • Standard shelf life is 6 months from date of purchase when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Monitor absolute humidity in conversion areas.
    Container applications including:
  • Beer keg labels
  • Food containers
  • Produce totes
  • Hospital cafeteria trays
  • Work-in-process totes and bins


Inkjet, Laser and Dual Technology Films - 1.5 mil and 2 mil Clear Glossy and Matte polyester Ink Jet face stock. In addition to exceptional imprint ability, this face material combines very good clarity with excellent heat resistance and durability.

Our matte clear and gloss clear inkjet films are tear resistant, with a topcoat that encourages fast ink drying and smudge resistance. Excellent lay flat properties provide for good printing and minimal feeding issues. When paired with a general-purpose permanent adhesive, these face stocks maintain good adhesion to many substrates with excellent die-cutting and stripping characteristics. Use clear inkjet sheet-fed films for compact disc and jewel case labels, promotional items and address labels.

Clear laser top coated polyester films offer excellent tear strength, heat resistance and durability. These face stocks provide permanent adhesion with low ooze, offering excellent performance in squeezable and clear label applications. Choose clear laser polyester films for integrated forms/labels or when adding laser printability and durability to your products.

Need a film that is both laser and ink jet printable? These matte clear films provide excellent depth of image and vibrant colors when using either inkjet or laser print technologies. Depending on specific application requirements, adhesive options are available to support high heat laser printing temperatures, squeezable and clear labeling applications.


Cryogenics involves a deep freezing process that takes objects down in temperature below -196°C (-320°F). The cryogenic process is often performed using liquid nitrogen for applications such as biological tissue conservation in clinical and hospital laboratories. Through this process, it's important to ensure samples are properly labeled and that the label can withstand extreme deep-freezing temperatures. We're pleased to offer three label products specifically designed to sustain the flexibility and adherence required when using liquid nitrogen during the cryogenic process. These products:
  • Withstand cryogenic temperatures of -196°C to +90°C (-320°F to +190°F).
  • Also perform in other difficult conditions such as dry ice (-80°C or -112°F), steam autoclave and gamma radiation.
  • In addition, they are resistant to many chemicals including Xylene, Isopropanol, Dimethyl Sulfoxide and 10% Hydrochloric Acid.

2.3 Mil White BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) - White polypropylene film with a permanent acrylic adhesive that can be thermal transfer printed. Recommended uses include laboratory identification including vials, test tubes, well plates and slides.

4.5 Mil White Nylon
- Matte white polyamide coated nylon cloth with a permanent acrylic adhesive that can be thermal transfer printed.

4.5 Mil White Nylon
- matte white polyamide coated nylon cloth with a permanent acrylic adhesive and lay flat liner.

Due to the tight nylon weave, these products can be used when labeling small mandrel objects. Both products are ideal for laboratory identification such as vials, centrifuge tubes, test tubes, well plates and slides.


Entertaining CD / DVD Label - Purchase a new CD or DVD and take note of a number of labeling opportunities. Multiple labels from the outside price sticker, to colored promotional labels, to the 'hard to remove' side labels open up many possibilities. Add to that list the growing inkjet printer market where consumers can professionally print, peel and apply their own designs to CD products, and the potential becomes even greater.

Clear security labels are applied to the outer edges of CD and DVD cases to provide durable protection. A polypropylene face stock is recommended with a removable or permanent adhesive.

2 Mil Clear BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) – Combined with this face stock, adhesives are available for clean removability from plastic cases and when long-term removability from cardboard DVD cases is desired. Adhesives are also available featuring slightly more aggressive removability.

Used on the outside of CD/DVD packaging for pricing, sale and promotional information. An array of face stocks, including fluorescent, gloss and thermal transfer imprint able products, can be paired with a permanent or removable adhesive.

  • Red Fluorescent - Attention-grabbing face stock with removable adhesive.
  • 60# Cast Gloss - High-gloss appearance with permanent or removable adhesive.
  • Thermal Transfer- Thermal transfer printable with permanent or removable adhesive.

Make personal creations with film and papers designed for quick inkjet printing. Select from matte or glossy inkjet polyesters, as well as inkjet printable paper with permanent adhesives and lay flat liners.

  • 1.5 Mil Matte Clear Inkjet PET Film - Used when hazy clear appearance is desired for on-CD/DVD labeling.
  • 1.5 Mil Gloss Clear Inkjet PET Film - Creates glossy clear appearance for on-CD/DVD labeling.
  • 60# Water Resistant Inkjet Paper - Ideal for creating designer on-CD/DVD labels with inkjet printer.


ANCHORSEAL® is a registered trademark of the 3 Sigma Corporation. AVERY®, AVERY DENNISON, FASSON® are trademarks of Avery Dennison. KAPTON® is Dupont’s registered trademark for its brand of polyimide film. NOMEX® is a registered trademark of DuPont, Inc. UL® is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. The international "emc-mark" is also a trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. TEDLAR® is Dupont’s trade name for its polyvinyl fluoride film. THERMOGARD™, TRIBOGARD®, & POLYONICS are registered trademarks of Polyonics, Inc.