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Net Mark IQ Data Sheet
Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon For use on Near Edge Printers
  • Performance Highlights

    • Superior print quality, provides rich blue/black images, a requirement for scannable bar
      codes and solid fill graphics printing.
    • Outstanding performance at high print speeds up to 24 inces per second.
    • Reliably prints on both rough and smooth stocks - including vellum, uncoated tags, coated paper, and synthetic papers like Kimdura and Polyart.
    • Creates rotated bar codes that scan at speeds up to 10 ips.

Feature Benefit
Darker Blue/Black ink
  • Creates beautiful solid fill graphics and highly readable text
Increases quality image of item being identified with label or direct print, especially important when being used for branding or in consumer goods.

Improved print quality

  • No show through or voiding
  • Improved line integity and reduced bar growth
Increases scans rates which increases productivity and reduces user fustration.

Prints at fast speeds

  • 24 ips in flexible packaging applications
  • 12 ips for labeling applications
increases productivity as line speeds can be increased.

Prints on wide variety of materials, from very rough to very smooth

  • Uncoated tags for retail
  • Vellum for low cost labeling
  • Polypropylene films for flexible packaging
  • Tyvek for medical packaging and outdoor tags
  • Coated paper for standard labeling
  • Synthetic paper for harsher environment labeling
Reduces inventory as one product works for all applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Film Thickness: 4.5 Microns
  • Total Ribbon Thickness: 7.0 Microns
  • Transmission Density: .80 MacBeth Scale
  • Ink Melting Point: 70° C, 158° F

Star Diagram:
This diagram is representative of NET Mark IQ used in premium applications when printing on coated paper tag and label stocks. Performance ratings are based on a comparison of ribbons within the premium wax/resin category. Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the best.

Storage Conditions

To ensure optimal performance, please adhere to the following environmental conditions for use, shipping and storage.
    • For optimal print results, thermal transfer printing should occur in the temperature range of 5° C (41° F) to 35° C (95° F) at 45% to 85% relative humidity.
    • Recommended shipping conditions for up to one month duration are -5° C (23° F) to 45° C (113° F) at 20% to 85% relative humidity.
    • To ensure the ribbon ┬ís performance, our suggested storage conditions for up to one year duration are -5° C (23° F) to 40° C (104° F) at 20% to 85% relative humidity.

Please Note: Exposing Thermal Transfer Ribbons to direct sunlight or moisture will cause damage to the ribbons.

American Printing Converters' goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our bar code thermal transfer ribbon products.