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Polytechnic Tape

Polytechnic Tape is a self-wound (linerless) white polyester film, coated with High-Temperature Acrylic Adhesive. The tape is printed and then a clear film lamination is applied to lock-in and protect the ink. The product is available in rolls 1" x 36 yards on a 3" I.D. core.

Polytechnic Film Tapes pass all requirements for Federal Specification MIL-T-9906C, Amendment 1 for non-corrosive, heat, cold and solvent-resistant identification tape.

Polytechnic Film Tape adheres instantly to a wide variety of surfaces, such as Glass, Stainless Steel and Polypropylene. Its tough film backing resists edge tear when processing and dispensing. It is non-corrosive, resistant to chemicals like Isopropyl Alcohol, Oil & most Acids, and can resist temperatures from –40Å F to 200Å F. A typical use for Polytechnic Tape is marking combustible fuel lines.

All physical properties, statements, and recommendations are either based on tests we believe to be reliable or our experience, but they are not guaranteed. We recommend each user determine the suitability of the tape for the intended use.

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