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Resealable Wipes Labels

The use of re-sealable labels is increasing as consumers rely on the convenience of portable, easy-to-open, easy-to-close packaging. From dry goods to facial cleansing cloths to household cleaners, a reliable re-sealable label can improve product freshness retention while adding protection.

For products that need to be repeatedly opened and closed (such as wet wipes and dry foodstuffs), American Printing Converters offers resealable labels. Manufactured from polypropylene or other squeezable substrates with varnish or laminated film, these labels feature a "fingerlift" area without adhesive to prevent the label from sticking to your fingers.

  • Size of the package and opening that needs to be sealed.
  • Number of items in the package (correlates to the number of peels and re-seals required).
  • Contents of the package (can range from dry goods to mild soaps to harsh chemicals).
  • Structure of the packaging material (can be made of a variety of films).
  • Desired "feel" when peeling the label.